MXToolbox says...

If there is only one thing that we acheive, one thing which is our legacy, let it be this:

That MXToolbox telling you that you have a problem is not even remotely confirmation that you have a problem. Similarly, MXToolbox declaring an item to be a problem is not even remotely confirmation that the item they discovered is the problem you are experiencing.

MXToolbox is the most frustrating tool in the world for anyone who is a seasoned mail administrator, beyond that of the hobbyist or pseudo admin. MXToolbox doesn’t know that your inbound server doesn’t send mail. MXToolbox doesn’t know that the recipient you are emailing doesn’t even subscribe to the random blacklist that they claim a server you don’t even send mail from is on. MXToolbox is not an authority. They are not even that significant of a resource.

If you found a problem on MXToolbox, please do not open a ticket with us and ask us to fix it. Tell us what the problem was that lead you to go there and search for a problem. I promise, the chances that the two things are related are so small it’s almost an impossibility. The person who said “Oh you’re having a problem? Go to MXToolbox and copy/paste the first thing they tell you is wrong, it will objectively be the cause” was an idiot. They’re repeating a rumor that spread because almost no one who heard it was intelligent enough to know better. Help us help you, leave MXToolbox in your rearview mirror. Open a ticket at and say “I had this problem, here are the details, please help me understand what is wrong.” We’re not suggesting that the problem won’t be ours, we are only suggesting that MXToolbox won’t know what it is.