Add User Under Reseller Account

If you have a reseller account you will be able to make user accounts for your customers, where they can log in and manage their domains. If you have not previously followed the tutorial for creating packages. Please go HERE and do that first.

If you mouse over the Account Manager menu in DirectAdmin, you will see an option to Add New User. Click on that.

You will be taken to a page with a fairly simple layout:

Username is the username your customer will log in with to DirectAdmin. This has to be unique, and will fail if another username on the server matches your choice.

E-mail is the e-mail address you use to contact the customer.

Password is, of course, the password to the user’s DirectAdmin login.

Domain is the first domain the user will be set up with. This cannot be blank.

User Package is the package you want to give this customer, that you have created in a previous tutorial.

IP only has one option, just leave it.

Send E-mail Notification will e-mail the address you put in above with login information. This has been suppressed on the back-end and will not work.

Click SUBMIT and you are done.