Can you keep our email out of spam folders?

It’s a pretty common question, can we keep your emails to third party services in the inbox and out of spam folders? The simple answer is of course no, that’s not even a remotely reasonable thing to promise, and anyone promising you otherwise is really hoping that you won’t figure that out. The longer answer? Here we go.

If someone promises that your emails will always land in the inbox, they are lying. It’s simply not possible to promise that. If you’re wondering how I arrived at that logic, let me rephrase the question into something which is an extremely perfect example:

  • “Can you guarantee me that everyone we mail this letter to will open it and not throw it away?”

You’d be furious at the idea that someone would tell you that they can promise that, wouldn’t you? What kind of character do you think such a blatant liar holds? When an email is sent out, it is handed over to a third party. No one can speak for what another person will do, at best they can speak in terms of probabilities based on reviews of past behavior. You cannot promise someone that you can do something for them which is not within your control. Neither can we, so we won’t.

What we can do is keep our service reputation spotless so maximize your chances, and that we do.