Why don't you offer refunds?

This will feel like a bit of a hostile post, and apologies are in order for that. However, we’re trying to do everything we can to prevent a specific customer interaction. While the customer asking for a refund feels unique and individual, we see them as part of a repeat pattern that we can’t break out of, no matter how many steps we take. MXroute is a small business that puts food on the table for a family. Every refund effectively means we had to pay for someone to test our service because transaction fees are a net negative. We don’t want to pay for people to test our service. We actively want people to walk away and not sign up if they want to test our service and ask for a refund later. We actively want people who seeks refunds to go tell their friends “Watch out, they don’t offer refunds.” Our desire is to completely avoid that interaction.

Yet, still, we receive almost daily refund requests by someone who says things like this:

  • You don’t offer support, I didn’t know that
  • You don’t have any guides or tutorials on how to get started
  • You didn’t make a reasonable effort to let me know that you don’t offer refunds


  • We do, there is a support area in the billing portal
  • We are continuing to iterate on and expand documentation
  • When placing an order you are required to check a box agreeing to no refunds

Please do not sign up for MXroute if your intention is to test our product and ask for a refund.