Aren't lifetime promos scammy?

Great question!

Our lifetime packages are sustainable by these points:

They’re limited. If you’ve been watching us, you know we’ve been selling them for a while. You might think we’re selling a ton of them, but we’re not. To be honest, we haven’t sold that many at all relative to our other packages, and we don’t plan to. Ten gigabyte storage allocations are easily nested into corners of servers that are generating $15k-$20k revenue per year. There’s room for a bit of loss.

Lifetime means the lifetime of MXroute. If every other customer cancels service, no one orders any further service, and only lifetime services remain, then it’s obvious MXroute is nearing it’s end. There’s absolutely no reason for us to plan for that scenario or to act as though it’s an inevitable future. In no way is that a reasonable situation, we’ll always be competitive and creative to keep earning your business. But even if that situation occurs 10 years down the road, won’t you have gotten a pretty sweet deal that beats our regular price offers?

The reason for the lifetime promotion is this: We’re rapidly growing and scaling up our infrastructure. We have no intention of being in financial debt, and no intention of seeking investors. We’re healthy and driven. To accelerate our growth, we’re accepting investments into our company for one simple thing in return: A small service for the lifetime of our company (and no we’re not going to rebrand to drop lifetime packages by those terms, that would be scammy). It’s a small price to pay to receive investments toward our growth without investors or loans.

While we could grow just fine without any investments, as MXroute is a healthy company, we have a vision for the company that we want to push toward with everything we have. If our advancement is slow, so be it. If it can be accelerated, even better.