Presales Contact

It has been noticed by many, and to their frustration, that we make it difficult (if not impossible) to reach out for a presales conversation. The truth is, this is intentional. Almost every presales outreach can be answered by this one point:

Absence of the answer means no. If you didn’t find the answer, it’s because the answer is no. We can’t reasonably make a list of features or subscription plans that we don’t have.

When our product reaches a future iteration we expect this to change, but currently the correlation between presales outreach and revenue is far too low. This to say, if you’re on the fence and talking to us is the only way you’ll consider purchasing MXroute, you are on a path with a nearly 0% conversion rate. We are committed to providing low cost, low overhead service that challenges the market. To do that, we can’t be spending a lot of time having conversations that don’t turn into sales. We owe that time to our paying customers.

As our product UX matures, we expect all of this to change. Presently, however, we’re a very lightweight operation that does not invest in sales/marketing.