How does billing work?


Every service is scheduled to auto-renew unless a cancellation notice is placed in the Accounts Portal before the renewal invoice is issued.

Renewal invoices will be issued 7 days before the end of the current billing cycle. Payment is due within those 7 days utilizing one of our payment methods which currently are bank credit and debit payment cards via Stripe, PayPal, and crypto via Coinbase Commerce. We also offer PayPal Billing Agreements. All invoices are settled in USD.

Clients who choose to allow payments via PayPal Billing Agreements or by choosing to have stored cards automatically charged in our Accounts Portal will have their invoices paid 1 day before the due date. Please note that we do not store payment card details, but rather they are stored by the payment processor for PCI compliance reasons. Due to this, you may only add a payment card to your profile during the payment process.

Clients with unpaid invoices after the due date will receive regular email reminders. MXroute reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate accounts for non-payment at any time after the due date.

Cancellation Refunds & Policy:

All cancellation requests must be made via our Accounts Portal. As all services auto-renew, requests to cancel must be made at least 8 days before the renewal date to guarantee that the renewal invoice is not automatically charged to your payment method. Any cancellation requests made after the invoice has been issued must be marked “Immediate” or the service will not be cancelled until the end of the new invoice period. Cancellation requests marked “End of Term” will be processed at the end of the currently invoiced term which in the case of cancellations made less than 8 days before the renewal date could result in an autocharge payment processed for the next term. We DO NOT refund pro-rated service fees to accounts if an account is terminated prior to it’s renewal date.