What are my SMTP/IMAP/POP details?

Looking for the information needed to configure your SMTP, IMAP, or POP3 client software? It was originally sent to you in an email titled “Important Account Information” which you can most likely find a copy of here: https://accounts.mxroute.com/index.php?/clientarea/emails/

However, some older customers have seen database cleaning tasks since they started with us, and may not have a copy of it from years ago. Our expectation has been that they already knew it, and even if you find new details now those old details should have never changed (meaning the new details are interchangeable with the old ones), but you may have forgotten. Regardless of how you got here, let’s go over how to get the details.

The SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 server will always be the name of the server your account is hosted on. You may have created custom hostnames but, if so, you already know what your server name is. You can find your server name by visiting the Products & Services page, clicking on the relevant service, and then looking for “Server Name” toward the bottom of the page (please ignore the “SSL Status” value there as well, it has no relation to your service and is merely part of our licensed software, intended for another use case).

Now that you know your server name, here are the ports and the protocols supported:


IMAP Non-SSL: 143

POP3 SSL: 995

POP3 Non-SSL: 110


SMTP Non-SSL/STARTTLS: 25, 587, 2525

Your login will be the full email address and password that you created in our control panel.