Why are you obsessed with IP reputation?

Routinely customers sign up for our service and find themselves frustrated by our obsession with ensuring that our IP addresses are taken care of. That means not allowing them to repeatedly, especially knowingly, send emails that are guaranteed to fail delivery (invalid recipients), or to mailing lists that are not verified by double opt in procedure.

Why are we so protective of our IP address reputation? Well it’s a story that goes all the way back to the day MXroute was born as just an idea. We saw that people couldn’t just send email to recipients and get them there. They were plagued by delivery issues, most often caused by careless neighbors who either sent spam or just flooded junk to major email providers until the IP addresses they used were more associated with bad than good, causing them to be more likely to be rejected by the major providers (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). We set out to solve that issue. How can we solve that issue if we let the same problems occur inside of our network that broke the networks that our customers came from? We can’t. So we’re obsessed with success. Yours and ours. We’re all tied together.

You can be sure that as a customer of MXroute we will not allow a bad neighbor to drag down your chances of having your email delivered to a third party. We’re just crazy enough to care about you, and that means looking out for you. Sometimes that means telling you that you’re doing something wrong.