Are you compliant with EU tax regulations?

The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe. There very well may be legal requirements that you need to hold yourself to when doing business, and compliance with EU tax regulations may be among them. In such an event it is more appropriate that you speak to your legal counsel as MXroute would not be well equipped to provide any advice as to what your legal requirements are, nor would MXroute be prepared to begin cooperating with such requirements of any governing authority outside of the United States and the state of Texas at this time in relation to this specific topic.

Strangely, we are routinely accused of not meeting our legal obligations by strangers when we answer this question, so we’d like to go ahead and document our answer to that accusation. While we do purchase services from companies within the EU, it has not been communicated to MXroute by the vendors that MXroute needs to take any measures toward this end to meet our obligations to them as a customer. Should our vendors change their requirements for MXroute to purchase their services in order to meet any of their legal obligations, MXroute would happily weigh their request and the options for moving forward. Neither MXroute LLC nor it’s owners/employees (not to be confused with it’s vendors and service providers) are registered entities/citizens in any jurisdiction of any trade agreements in which their direct government authority has agreed to require them to submit to any EU tax regulations, and whether or not that makes it legal or illegal for you to do business with MXroute is something you may need to discuss with your lawyer.