DNS Records

MX Records

Your MX records are somewhat unique. While you may share MX records with a wealth of other customers, not every customer has the same MX records. When you sign up, you receive an e-mail with this subject:

[MXroute] Important Account Information

You need to reference this to find your MX records. If you can’t find the e-mail, you can find a copy of it here:

Email History

This is example of what the e-mail might contain for the MX records:

echo.mxrouting.net (Priority 10)
echo-relay.mxrouting.net (Priority 20)
(These above are both record type “MX” and should have the name value set to either @ or blank, not a subdomain)

SPF Record

Your SPF record is not as unique as your MX records. Your SPF record is a TXT DNS record at the root domain. These are basic templates for your SPF record, and you can use either one (preference, nothing more):

“v=spf1 include:mxroute.com -all”


“v=spf1 include:mxlogin.com -all”


Your DKIM key is unique per domain. You can obtain your public DKIM key in DirectAdmin under “DKIM Keys” (look in the menus on the left side). You can find a tutorial for making use of it here: https://mxroutedocs.com/dns/dkim/